Lauri @ Korkojen Kera

Lauri @ Korkojen Kera

On 22.03 Lauri has been guest at the Finnish talk show on MTV3, Korkojen Kera. You can watch the video interview from here, and a transcription of the interview made by us can be found below.

Our first guest has been in music business for almost 20 years. The Rasmus is one of Finland’s most successful bands but this wasn’t enough for this man, and a solo career has came along with the band 2 years ago. Now we are waiting eagerly for the next, second album of which recently has been released the first single. Welcome Lauri Ylönen.

Vappu: Lauri, isn’t it great! You are also a spring person, and spring is here.

Lauri: Jiihaa!

Vappu: Or do you think that spring isn’t here?

Lauri: Actually someone said in the backstage that now you can find new potatoes.

Jenni: From where?

Lauri: From Marocco.

Jenni: Oh now in Marocco maybe is…it isn’t any spring.

Vappu: he has a sign this spring shout, so for you spring starts on 15.3 with a shout.

Lauri: it’s a tradition to shout this spring shout.

Vappu: where are you shouting this then?

Lauri: this last time happened from the window of the car, with my son.

Jenni: so now you are giving this idea of spring starting with shout also to the next generation?

Lauri: yes, as you said!

Vappu: i have been having for couple of weeks now sunglasses. spring is here. but he, is like are you shouting like ’spring is here!’

Lauri: no, it’s just like aaaaaa!

Vappu: but then no one knows that it’s your spring shout.

Lauri: it’s enough if I know myself!

Vappu: but with spring comes new album from which you have this first single, which has also a video, and it’s called she’s a bomb. so let’s now watch a small part of this video! Not always when you watch a video comes to you that from where the idea of it has been born, but at this point I have to say that this idea came to me when I yesterday watched this video.

Lauri: was my own idea. actually a friend said that when he listened to this song watching porno came to his mind. the video is now anyways at the beginning, it will be continued from here.

Jenni: have you been all the time there? like there was the full body picture and the blonde at the rod.

Lauri: I have to keep it a secret where starts lauri and where the guest ass. a friend when seen this, sent me message that you have a fucking great ass.

Vappu: yesterday when I was watching this video I was like wow what moves and ass. and then when I made some background check I realized that you have this worldwide trick, a body stunt. replacing ass, replacing body, and then I thought with which criterias this body is chosen? do we send some application, take pictures, interviewing?

Lauri: this time was the decision of the director, some friend of his. we did this video in umea, during a weekend a month ago. it was a special way of spending a Friday evening. usually I was at the place of the public, but now had to dance at the rod.

Jenni: lot of people have it as a hobby, I won’t say names.

Lauri: it’s a trendy hobby.

Vappu: yes. and we once went to try it together and it was really challenging. that’s why I was wondering your moved with so few training in the video. but the music style of the Rasmus differs a lot from your solo style. which is closer to you?

Lauri: today we have been with the Rasmus guys at breakfast and called via skype to pauli to Singapore, thought about the upcoming album,  which we’ll start to work in during the summer and it’s a great feeling that in the band there is a long history and we have got a lot of great things during the years and everyone is feeling good, and it’s a velar thing everything we have. and now I have this side project as a hobby, and with this can do some freaky things too. it feel good cause can easily anyways get too serious, when of this becomes a business, and a lot of stress is connected to it.

Vappu: your fanbase is really big also for the Rasmus and you also have your own fans. there are for sure very eager and devoted fans. what kind of devotes there are?

Lauri: just now some very devoted fans got my mail address from somewhere and sends me obscene photos of herself to my inbox, which disturbs the work, and …

Jenni: what are you looking at me?

Vappu: I was just thinking that is it you sending recently some mails.

Jenni: are we talking about a man or woman?

Lauri: woman. but it’s basically unpleasant. but there are all kind of fans sure, we have 2 Finnish girls too. they are for sure here…or they would if they’d know I was coming here. they are following us every places, and it’s nice to see known faces all around the world.

Vappu: are we seeing you during the summer at gigs? or like the album is coming during the autumn, you keep up until then?

Lauri: we have just released this song and we see how this will be going on. I hope I can get to some disco to play, now that we have some more danceable stuff, so will have to start from somewhere.

Jenni: not else than leopard tanga on and chest to front.

Vappu: we’ll be there. for sure!

Jenni: with all these equipments!

Vappu: yes! hey, thank you lauri, and success to you! lauri’s album in the shops in the autumn!