Lauri: “It wasn’t his voice lost, but his mind!”

On Monday Voice played Mysteria in premiere, and before the song they have also made a short phone interview with Lauri, where he was asked about his opinion on the Placebo gig that has been canceled in Helsinki on Friday only a few hours before the gig because Brian Molko loosing his voice. Translation of the article can be found below.

Singer of The Rasmus and also in solo career successful Lauri Ylönen doesn’t remember with too much warm feelings a few days back happened Placebo concert happenings.

The British band should have been performing at the Helsinki Ice Hall, but only hours before stage time the band canceled their performance, due to voice problems of singer Brian Molko. According to Ylönen for a singer you have to be a bit selfish, but he doesn’t understand the situation of the Placebo gig.

-Have to be a bit selfish, but not so selfish as Placebo was, that have canceled their gig few hours before, when people were queuing outside in the rain. It’s pretty much fucking with people, you can’t just do that. He didn’t lost his voice but his mind, Ylönen tells.

About The Rasmus recently was told them soon leaving to a hiatus for an undefined time. According to the singer there is no drama included in the decision.

-It’s great to have a bit of pause sometimes, clear everything and start from the beginning. I have plans of releasing my second solo album next year, so that also messes up things a bit, Ylönen tells.

The band’ in April released The Rasmus album will be re-released at the end of this year, and in October the band also starts a tour.

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