Q/A with Lauri @ Basso Radio [20.08.2012]

 Thanks to The Rasmus Germany here is a Question/Answer video interview with Lauri made last week at Radio Basso. Translation made by our team can be found below.

What is most challenging in your life?

Maybe human relationships, they are kind of twisty also interesting. Sometimes it’s also challenging to remember to put on a 4years old boy dungarees, even though it’s obviously raining outside.

Do you think you are competitive?

For sure competitive in a way, but not really a team player. I clearly have a goal to which I aim, and on which I don’t give up before it’s accomplished.

What things make life hard?

Too much cynicism, too much awareness. Sometimes it’s good to live in a bubble to empty the capacity and get rid of everything extra

What is your relationship with work?

My relationship with the work is a bit weird, cause it has started off from a hobby and of this became my work. It’s something like a game, but in the background there is a serious thought, ambition that leads it somewhere.

Do you want to succeed?

Basically to succeed would be to be able to provide a living out of music for all life, and for that I’m trying. There have been years when it went a bit wrong, but it is also making a good thing. Gives ambition to aim for better.

Tell about your relationship to love.

Love, is everywhere in people and in nature. It also appears in many of my songs as theme.

What is your relationship to your own body?

I’m pretty much satisfied with my body. Sometimes irritates that can’t always see the bands at the festival because of being small.

What are you proud of? What are you not proud of?

If talking about myself it can be the selfishness which I try to make less. It probably leads from being in a successful band and being in the spotlight, than from my own personality.  I’m not proud of not being able to keep in contact with old friends.  It’s kind of goes hand in hand with the fact of being a “rockstar”. Maybe proud I’m of my honesty and  determination.

The direction of your life from here?

I think of going to the work room, to make my new solo material, release it soon and play at some nice festivals next summer to make people dance.

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