The Rasmus to go on hiatus!

After playing a very friendly and cosy atmosphere gig on 12.9 in Helsinki, on 13.09 The Rasmus announced on their Facebook about going on a break for an undefined lenght of time after the tour finishes in December. They will also release a special edition of the latest album called ‘The Rasmus’ (which has sold gold by now) which includes a new song ‘Mysteria’, released 21.9 digitally. The band has been making a video for Mysteria on 16.9, where also Iltalehti was present and published an article. Translation was made by Ghost of Love team.

The Rasmus will be soon away from the stage -“Our friendship will go on during the break”
The Rasmus will start a break in December. The singer, Lauri Ylönen will come back with a new solo album.
Iltalehti got the chance as the only one media to follow the shooting of the new Rasmus video, “Mysteria”. Song will be released on 21st September, and soon after that we can see the video as well.
The mood during the shooting is very calm and down to earth. For example, they do the catering in the car of one of the band member and coffee was made by themselves as well and kept in thermos.
– We have to get the video ready, because Pauli’s flight is leaving back to Singapore at 10 pm. It’s a good deadline – says Lauri, pointing out to the hometown of the guitarist.
Only Chisu is missing
A nice coincidence that the video crew is the same as back then during shooting the video for F-f-f-falling.
– In the shooting of F-f-f-falling we had Chisu with us – remembers LAuri.
– We didn’t know her then, she just happened to be there through normal casting.
In October the band starts their tour which will end on 15th December in Notthingam. After that the band will start a break for undetermined time. Although fans are sad even until Argentina, according to LAuri there’s no drama in this happening.
FOr the four of us, our friendship is still going on even during the break. When we have the right feeling and material, we will come back.
During the break Lauri will return with his solo album.
– In the next year I will release my solo album, I have already started to make it.

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