Lauri’s second solo album to be released Sept 2013

photo: Ilkka Hämäläinen

After The Rasmus announced going on hiatus for an undetermined lenght of time after their autumn/winter tour 2012 in Europe, soon info about Lauri releasing his second solo album started to be revealed.

The first single was released on the 15th March, when Lauri also presented the song live at The Voice of Finland competition. A video for the single has been made in Sweden, by the director he has been working with previously too, Owe Lingvall. Lauri has also been to Los Angeles recently for 9 days, making the second part of the video, presuming for an upcoming second single from the new album.

The title of the album has not yet been reveled, since Lauri still is working on the album. He said in an interview at YleX, that the songs are mainly ready, but he has just found a new program which he would like to work with on the songs and remake some of them. This is the reason behind the late release of the album, pushed to September 2013.

A new website for Lauri’s second solo stuff has been opened and the well known address here, and there is now also a shop open, where you can buy some Amanda T-shirts so far.

Lauri has also told about plans on doing some The Rasmus stuff this summer. Seemingly the hiatus didn’t go that long -for the merry of the fans. According to Lauri, they will be starting to make some new songs in June again, but he didn’t tell any other information, whether a new upcoming album could be released in the near future. He has also revealed that the band will have some concerts outside Finland this summer.

More interviews with Lauri can be found at: Radio Aalto, YleX, Radio Suomi POP, RadioRock, Nelonen, NRJ (soon), The Voice

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