Links and Affi

Affiliates Information

If you like our site, and would like to exchange a link with us and see your page-link, leave a comment with your intention and the link of your site or send us an email to the address mentioned above.

Official Page Links

The Rasmus Official Website

The Rasmus Official MySpace

The Rasmus Official Facebook

The Rasmus Official Twitter

Lauri Official Website

Lauri Official Facebook

Lauri Official Twitter

Our Affiliates


The Dark Dynasty Of The Rasmus

The Northern Rasmus FanClub

The Rasmus – Feather Community

Unreal RasNews

The Rasmus Hungary

The Rasmus Soldiers Brazil

The Rasmusologia

Other Affiliates (Non-Rasmus ones)

Paula Ja Mira

RecordShopXbuy your CDs here

RokkiKauppafor rocking clothes

5 comments on “Links and Affi”

  1. Hello guys! My name is Misael Beskow, I’m from Brazil. I’m manager of The Rasmus Soldiers Brasil, a brazilian website about The Rasmus. I would like very much to affiliate our pages. I put a banner and button with the link of your page on the website:
    Oh, we are already brothers on Facebook! I hope you join us. Thank you so much!

    Greetings from Brazil!!!

  2. Hello! I’m here everyday and subscribe the RSS, ’cause I really like what you do for The Rasmus 🙂
    Well, I’m from Brazil and want to affiliate! My fan site is the The Rasmusologia (in portuguese) and I already published your banner here:

    If you want to join my fan site, all my banners are here:

    Thank you!

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