If you like our site, drop a line by writing your opinion in our guestbook. Affiliate exchanges, improvements are welcome at any time and suggestions of what you would like to see around.
Please do not use the guestbook to let me know about some information/picture that belongs to you, for that purpose email me. The address can be found in the About/Contact section. 🙂

19 comments on “GuestBook”

  1. nice web site lauri and the rasmus ilove your songs very much ilike your dark hair lauri but ilove living world with out you im browinsh girl with brown ayes do you like it? with my love

  2. thanke you so much ihope to join to web site pleas ilisten to new song vray butefull

  3. i hope will be ok lauri .muuuuuuhhhh

  4. Verry good website !!! I like it very much :). Your news entrys are top 🙂 Keep it up 🙂

    Greatings from Germany

  5. really good website, i will visit you more often:)

  6. Really beautiful site! I always find info out here and it’s always the first-published! I’m knee-deeped in shock! =D Your site is the most popular in Romania and in other countries, either! Keep it unreal! =) I wish you luck and more users on ur site!)) I love it)
    Best wishes,
    *Winter_Breeze* from Russia.

  7. WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I’m shocked! Your new layout is pretty wonderful and amazing! Carry on in the same way!))) I DO LIKE IT!

  8. 2uWLAK Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

  9. A great blog going, always on my faves to check out news. Would love to be affliated with you with my blog Credit will always be given 😀

  10. Hey, Reka!

    Here I am with my new blog about The Rasmus -> Would be glad to make an exchange with ya

    Tell me if you agree to do this)

    Bye bye!

  11. Hello 🙂

    Here is a little tip. Look here:

    on flickr you can find some pictures about Lauri or the Rasmus too 🙂

  12. Top class website yours sincerely, Elnora Relph

  13. Thank you for the translations of interviews and articles. I think you have a nice website and facebook page

  14. hope to see Lauri put on weight. he’ll look much much better

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