The Rasmus @ Ruisrock 2012

Photo by Ghost of Love Team

The Rasmus played their 8th Ruisrock gig in Turku on the 6th July. Although the gig was one of great performance, many of the Finnish press representatives wrote about it being a disappointment for the organizers who expected the band to fill the 10,000 tent, and didn’t do so. Besides, the band was excited about the gig and did their best to give a great one. In our opinion they have succeeded.

Pictures: Ruisrock Official Gallery, 1, 2

In an interview given to Iltasanomat, Eero and Aki told that back then when Lauri started to work on his solo album besides the fans being worried about the future of the band, also them themselves didn’t have any idea of what will happen next. Eero“During the break there was a darkness for us like when we are going to meet again and start making new songs”. Aki“When we started to make the new album we first had to think if we had the spark to do this or not. Everything was open, for us was important because we had to test ourselves if we are able to make new songs. During the first week didn’t come good songs at all, and the all of us were like depressed at home, didn’t even wanted to talk about the issue. But then during the second week were born great songs, and everything started to be like it should.” Eero“We didn’t even wanted to think about breaking up the band, because in this band there are so close and loved people.” When asked about what The Rasmus’ situation is now, Aki answered: “The band is now like a blindfolded and self confident 18 years old. Maybe during the years some things went wrong, but we have all learned from them.” 

In another article appearing on the Swedish YLE website, Aki and Eero tell about their meetings with idols at festivals. Translation made with Google Translate.
Eero is notorious in being always at places where he is not welcomed, and strange things. He has once for example sneaked into backstage where was also Björk and been having a chat with her. –I was actually once also thrown out of Ruisrock because of crowd surfing. After i was too many times in the photo pit, it was probably the guards that taken my backstage pass and throw me out of the festival area, but i climbed back through the fences.
Aki: “We were  playing in South Africa at the same festival with Metallica, and i saw there James Hetfield which was a cool feeling. Then he came up and said ‘Hei, you’re the drummer of The Rasmus? My son is a big fan of your music.’ It was then when the new Hide From The Sun album came out and couldn’t be found in the USA. I went to get some CDs to give to James and sent greetings to him son.”

In a short video interview that was shown also before the gig has started, Lauri told about summer plans of grilling and sailing the best time to do. Eero tells about his movie that is soon going to be ready. When asked about fav summer food Lauri tells peas are good, and also new potatoes.

Pauli and Lauri also gave a 5 minutes interview to Yle, in which they have talked about their greeting-mode ‘diudiu’ that comes from Ilkka, who is also playing in Lauri’s solo band; they have been asked about how was the tour in Ukraine at which Lauri told it was a great experience since in Finland [at Ruisrock] everything works just as the Swiss clock and in Ukraine everything was pretty fu**ed up, but the crowd was fantastic; a difference between the Finnish and foreign gig is that sometimes they have gigs in such cities in which nothing really happens, as Lauri tells “even the shittiest band is good”, where the whole city is around partying. Lauri thinks the best thing about the Finnish summer is maybe sailing, he tells he has been recently sailing with his son taking with them some packed lunch and it was pretty cool, also barbequing is a great way to spend summer.

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