The Rasmus @ Radio Aallon Helsinki-päivän Konsertti 2012

Photo by Ghost of Love Team

The Rasmus performed on 12.06.2012 in Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki to celebrate 200 years of Helsinki being capital of Finland. Radio Aalto has made an interview with Lauri and Aki before the gig. You can watch the interview here, and translation below. Also I’m A Mess, In The Shadows videos can be found at the end of the post.

Sami: A year ago we have seen Lauri performing, one of the few gigs in Finland, and today we see The Rasmus after a long time for Finnish audience?
Lauri: Back then was excited about other things, it’s an interesting feeling, we have just came back from Russia where we played a really big festival as almost headliner, it went really good, so the festival-period is now opened and now we are like after long time in Finland. Here’s such a great crowd, we have just looked around what the mood is, and there are great expectations and self confident feeling.

Sami: Do you have any habits to kill time at the venue before a gig, that are your, games or something funny?
Lauri: We have just been with Linkin Park there in Russia and it felt like they haven’t been doing anything, and we were like “Yes we still have half an hour let’s go to that shopping center” excited about everything. They just sit there doing nothing.
Aki: It’s sure very boring to fly by own plane.
Lauri: We’re always active, like it’s always great to get to know the local stuffs, food and even maybe looking around the cities; and the best would be to get to a home party to get to know even better what’s local.

Longer version of the interview available on the website of Radio Aalto here. Plus stuff that they have told:
– band will be 18 this year, they think they are pretty excited teens as a band; they are already making new songs, even have one for which they even had ideas for video ideas and shooting day but the song nowhere besides title; for holiday Lauri prefers to go as far as possible because at home is always like having the laptop or guitar to temp working; most important things to take with on tour is guitar for Lauri and great mood, for Aki “surely Lauri Pauli and Eero” 😆 ; Aki thinks the May-tour they have done was the best they have ever done so far; if they had to choose one artist of those performing at the end to go grilling/for sauna with they would choose Pate Mustajärvi (though he was not at the event)

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