The Rasmus: Moved by the gig

Photo by IltaSanomat

IltaSanomat published a short article with the Rasmus in which the band talked about the feelings they have had during their gig at Radio Aallon Helsinki-päivän konsertti in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki. Translation can be found below.

The Rasmus, who have just returned from Russia told that they were moved by the summer gig organized by Radio Aalto. 

– Great summer feeling, and people were also having fun feeling great, singer Lauri Ylönen explains.
Ylönen tells being moved, especially because the band have not beein playing properly in Finland.
– Feelings are better than ever before. Now all the batteries are charged, drummer Aki Hakala tells with excitement.
Successband performs in Finland during the summer only twice. The other gig is in July, when the band plays at Ruisrock in Turku.
– It’s like going for a holiday, tell the guys who are leaving to outside Finland after Juhannus for a tour.
The tour is, according to Ylönen, so intensive that they don’t even have time to miss home.
– We manage to organize the time with the family, although we are also away in between, Hakala tells.

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