Lauri about touring: “Kids don’t really fit in”

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Here you can find a video interview with The Rasmus and also a picture. The article has the video interview transcribed. Translation of the interview can be found below.

The Rasmus arrived to Kaisaniemi to the free event organized by Radio Aalto, almost straight from Moscow, where the band played the first festival of this sumer.
-Touring feels better than ever, now that all batteries are charged after the break. And besides it’s great to go touring the world with these brothers, the drummer of the band Aki Hakala laughs.
Recently new album released band will play also at festivals in Finland, but a real home tour will come only during the autumn.
-We go first practicing abroad, so we wouldn’t be ashamed to come and play afterwards in front of our mothers, Hakala jokes.
A tight touring calendar does not permit taking with own families to the tour.
-We can not take our kids along, because the touring life is so intensive. We have gigs six evenings a week. We’ll see, if we have a gig somewhere in an amusement park, we can maybe talk about the issue, Ylönen tells.
Aki Hakala assures that the band members also look out for their families enough time.
-Our families are happy, even though fathers are sometimes somewhere else around.

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