Eero DJ Guest @ Radio Aalto

Photo by Jussi Hellsten

Eero has been guest at Radio Aalto for 2 hours, telling about The Rasmus, Walker – the movie and also about the documentary he has made for Chisu. You can listen to the interview here. Eero has been talking about

-making of Stranger in Singapore, he told the story behind the video, that has also been in the Iltalehti article, here.
-about cultural differences in his family, him being married to an Australian.
-he wanted to meet with James Blake at Flow festival and for that he wanted to ask from a guitarist for a Backstage pass, but he didn’t get, but afterwards he managed to get in and meet with him.
-between 2008 – 2012 he has been making a documentary for Chisu from the very beginnings of her carrier until these days; Eero has also been in the same high school with Chisu but they didn’t know each other back then
-he talks about meetings with the fans, that sometimes there are some nice people with who is nice to stay and talk for like half an hour even; there are also some who has been learning Finnish or moving/coming to study to Finland because of them, he thinks this is quite unbelievable but good feeling;
-Eero got to know Aku Louhimies when was helping in making his movie called Vuosaari

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