Lauri about Stranger video&song in IltaLehti

Thanks for the scan to Oana

In today’s IltaLehti [01.06.2012] there is a 2 page long article with picture, in which Lauri and Aku Louhimies tell about the video of Stranger, and also about the song. You can read a translation below. Thanks for the scan and notification to Oana.

As an exception to the previous videos The Rasmus have done, this oe has been made on a low budget, because it was planned very little and the result is a documentary-like.
Aku Louhimies, one of the most known directors of Finland has directed the new The Rasmus video.
-We have invited the local friends of Pauli for a barbeque, we drank and recorded all night long. We have improvised a lot and during Aku had to calm us down and remind us that we are in the middle of shootings, Lauri Ylönen tells.
-We have been shooting during the night, so we have been up for long and because of this, also really crazy, Aku continues.
The group of people didn’t know about the shootings beforehand at all. The ammount of people and the idea was all made up, but permission for shootings was not asked, either a very exact screenplay.
Lauri has been given a gaudy king dress, in which he has been marching among Singapore’s streets beeing given different reactions of people on the streets.
-People who were shooting were hidden, and they shoot the reactions of the people. Surely in metrotunnel we were like chased, when around such places it’s not allowed to film. But it wa really normal too, Lauri laughs.
-It was really great to film video with such a band. This was not a normal video or project, Aku tells.
Very lonely?
Music video has been made for the beautiful Stranger –song. The main character of the story is a king, who wanders in the world of people alone. Lauri tells that part of the feelings in the music video are his own.
-The king carries his crown, but no one sees it because of the clothes. There are all the great things, clothes and crown, but he is still alone. Maybe he sometimes wants to get rid of this, Lauri describes.
The songs also tells about a brake up, in which still there is something positive.
-There is a hopeful mood in it. One that maybe this was good as it was. In a way the song is very personal, cause there are mixed experiences of mine and also of the friends of mine.
-We live here just once, so just give in everything, Lauri tells.
The two men have just met and got to know each other only at the trip.
-I have been making some music videos before, but this was stil different. We have become friends during the trip and we are planning to continue working together, Aku promises.

Tuuli brings more income?
Lauri Ylönen has been working with the competitior of Robin, Tuuli.
The interest of Lauri in being the business is found in different reasons.
-We have too many songs, it would be nice to release more material. Tuulis’s music is fully pop which just simply fits into the idea, Lauri tells.
The musician has been suffering of artistical block a few years ago, because the songs that he wrote have been released only leasurely.
-Somehow i was wondering a few years ago if i can call myself musician. During 18 years we have released 8 albums. Since the previous album it has been four years and i would like to be more active.
Composing for the kid-star fits to Ylönen perfectly, despite the music style is not really his own genre. Radio plays will surely bring more income for the musician.
-We have met Tuuli, we were really excited about and it did the songs carefully. The project has been ongoing for a while now, but we have just released material now, Ylönen tells.

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