Interview with Lauri & Eero @ Prominent24

By: Ghost of Love

Apr 26 2012

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Thank you to The Rasmus Germany for sharing this article with us, and to Julia for translating it. Please credit them if you use the translation.

The album sounds like, like The Rasmus should sound like.

The Rasmus are back with their new album “The Rasmus” after a break of almost 4 years. The Singer tells in an interview with, that it sounds exactly like The Rasmus should sound like. The band made a step back to their beginnings with their record and did they everything on their own. (writing the songs and recording them). They didn’t even have a record label or a contract. Lauri, yesterday (23.4) it was your birthday. Was there any possibility to celebrate?
Lauri: Yes, I went to bed really early. (laughs). I went to bed at 10pm. But I had a great experience when I was in the plane – I went to the cockpit as they knew that it was my birthday. A lot of fans congratulated you on Facebook. How important is Facebook nowadays for artists?

Lauri: It’s really important. We have a lot of fans all over the world, who are communicating with each other on Facebook. It’s also a way for us to know what the fans think. It’s really cool as it connects the fans all over the world. Do you read the posts of your fans?

Lauri: Yes, we read them and we try to be active on Facebook with uploading new pictures or posting something else that the fans know what we are doing right now. You released the new album after almost 4 years. Why was there that long break? What did you do in the meantime?

Lauri: After the last album we’ve been on a big tour, played in 40 countries and that took a lot of time. I made a soloalbum with electronic music. And we just took a break. Aki became a father and wanted to stay at home to care for his family. And Eero directed a movie. What kind of movie is it?

Eero: It’s a mix between fiction and documentation. We made the movie in winter with real people at real places. It’s about a finnish young guy, who goes to Himalaya to find a new way of living. I directed the movie and edited it. Lauri, you said that it was really easy for you guys to make the new record. How comes?

Lauri: There are many reasons. After the break there was no pressure for us. We were not tired and we just wanted to make a new record. And this time we did everything on our own. We just thought that we go to the practicing room, write a couple of new songs and record them and then we go to the record label and say “hey, we have a new record!”. It just felt like in the beginning when we started to make music. Two of you are living abroad. Isn’t it difficult to work as a band when you live in different countries?

Eero: Last summer there was a time when all of us have been in Finnland and we met every morning at 10 to write new songs. Of course it takes more organisation when we are not all at the same place but that’s ok.

Lauri: Pauli lives in Singapore. We’ve been there already 4-5 times to meet him. He owns a studio and we’ve been there two years ago with the whole band to write songs. The world is getting smaller. No matter where you want to be, you can be there within 20 hours. All you have to do is to get in the plane and you wake up at the other side of the world Lauri, you just said that your drummer is now a father. Also you have now a son. How difficult is it to be in a band and to have a family?

Lauri: It’s not difficult at all. Just like Eero said, we’re always focused on what we are doing. Last summer we said: “We have two months and we write songs everyday”. It was good because we were concentrated on what we were doing. But when I’m at home with my son it’s totally different. We are doing puzzles and I play with him – just what you do at home. There’s a good balance as my son doesn’t care how the band is doing and he needs the whole attention. Is being a musician just a “normal job”?
Lauri: You can’t really say that. I always think of writing new songs and even when I’m going to bed, sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m thinking of the setlist for the concert next day or of the lyrics for a new song. That’s why it is good if you have a way to get your head free. Eero for example is doing yoga and meditate. I draw everyday a bit and I love to go running and then to be totally without power. In which way is your new album different to your older ones?

Lauri: Someone said that it sounds like “Into” which we released 2001. I can agree with it somehow because we made a small step back to our beginning. The record is less melancholic and more pop than our last record. I think it also sounds like The Rasmus should sound like. We did everything on our own and didn’t have any songwriter or producer. We did everything as a band and that’s how it also should be in the future. Often people describe your music as “dark”. Do you agree with that?

Lauri: Well, some songs are darker than others. But the first single “I’m a Mess” is not dark at all. We wrote the song within a few hours as also the whole record was written in a short and spontanous way/time. That’s why the song was perfect as a first single.
On the record there are also songs which are a bit darker. For example “sky” which talks about death sentence. There are different moods on the record but the dark mood is always in our music, somehow. We just don’t do “happy pop”. Even our poppiest song has dark elements. Is it because you are finns?

Lauri: It might be a cliché but I think there is a bit truth about it. We just have a loft of darkness in Finland. Even when you have here spring, there is still snow in Finland and summer and the time when the sun shines is really short. You can see how the mood of the people changes. I personally love it to play with dark and mysterious thoughts. You are playing music since 1994, you really worked hard for your international success. What do you think about casting shows?

Eero: We just had a performance at a casting show. I think it’s a great possibilty for people who can really sing. But our career is based on so many other things and not just on singing. We write our own songs, think about the cover for a record or how we want the video for our song. I think some people in the show were really good but for me it would not be the right way. I like how music develops in the band, our work on it and I ask myself, if the candidates in the show know about those processes as well. Of course there is the possibilty as a talented and charismatic singer to start a big career with that show but for me that wouldn’t the way I want to go. (he doesn’t mean the success but to start it with that kind of show.) Could you imagine to participate at the Eurovision Song contest?

Lauri: I don’t think so. It just doesn’t feel right for us. We performed at the finnish final als guest act, that was enough.

Eero: The problem is that when you do it and then don’t win it’s really stupid. Your song “In the shadows” was a huge hit in Germany. You had a lot of fans in the goth-scene. Can you identify yourselves with that?
Lauri: We don’t decide which people we want to have as fans. We just do our thing and either people like it or not. I think we changed our own style with every record and didn’t think about what the fans could think aobut it. Some like the change and some not. We just don’t want to repeat ourselves. Wit the new record it feels like we went back 10 years. But no one knows what the next record will sound like. Maybe it’s going to be a hard rock or a classic album. First it has to be interesting for us and then we can present it to the people.


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