The Rasmus Album Release Party @ The Circus

Lauri @ Album Release Gig

On 17.04.2012 The Rasmus had an Album Release Gig/Party at The Circus in Helsinki. The setlist of the gig was the same as the tracklisting of the album, in the right order. Although the fans have liked fully the gig, the band have told afterwards that there have been no song in which they wouldn’t have had some problems with the tech stuff. In the middle of It’s Your Night Aki broke his snare drums head, so the rest of the song went on without drums 😆 . During the first single, I’m a Mess, there was also some tech problem, because of which they had to start the song from the beginning just before the first chorus. Pictures can be found on different websites of radio stations that have been present at the gig: Radio Nova, YleX, The Voice. Video from the gig can be found on the website of IltaLehti, a video cut of 3 songs; and also we have recorded almost the whole gig [sorry about the quality though, but you get the idea of it], you can find them here.

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