MTV3: “Long flu tormented Lauri Ylönen”

Lauri @ Plan Jäägaala

Many have been worried about why Lauri have lost so much weight recently, MTV3 asked Lauri about it, and he told he has been having flu for 5 weeks. Article can be found here, and a translation below.

The Rasmus – singer Lauri Ylönen had to survive the album promotion in a very long flu’s company.

On the face of The Rasmus’ Lauri the childish curves have disappeared because of the age, but lately the fans have been worried about Lauri losing even more weight. The explanation is found in a tormenting flu.

– I was having a flu for 5 weeks. It can be an explanation, since I could not eat too much, Lauri tells in the News interview.

The singer however have not been worried about the situation, but rather joked about it with the drummer, Aki Hakala.

– Can I get any smaller than this? It starts to get a bit dangerous, if I won’t find even myself when searching, Lauri laughs.

– For next nutritionists will call you, Aki teases his bandmate.

Lauri admits that the flu have also made harder the already busy new album promotion.

– Yes, it was quite hard to make everything with a 40C fever just right then when the new album was about to come out. But it did not help anyways. I haven’t really got to rest, so that made it a bit longer.

Now the flu has been gone away, and Lauri seemed to be in full power at the Tuesday-evening album release gig. The Rasmus’ new album, The Rasmus have been released on Wednesday.


2 comments on “MTV3: “Long flu tormented Lauri Ylönen””

  1. well, I completely disagree Lauri’s childish features have disappeared 😀

  2. poor Lauri! Get on well,Lauri! i believe gaining weight makes you look as young as you used to

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