Lauri & Pauli @ YleX: “New album in autumn 2014”

Lauri & Pauli @ YleX

Lauri and Pauli have been guests at Himoartistihaastattelu where they were talking about what their job would be if they wouldn’t be musicians, but they have also revealed that a new The Rasmus album might just come out in about 2,5 years, in autumn 2014. You can listen to the interview here [and here you can find also a small article, which is parts of the audio interview], and a summary can be found below:

– the idea of the album title came by all four of them because they felt like it’s a new start of the band; they wanted Kissa ja Hiiri but maybe they go for that for the next album title; the new The Rasmus album could come out in autumn 2014, Lauri has been up nights long to make already new songs; when asked where The Rasmus will go back for the 18th birthday party they said to the wine-cellar of Pauli’s mother; they both Lauri and Pauli wanted to become chefs; always when they arrive to the training camp the first question is ‘Where we go to eat?’, Pauli tells once they had a 7 meal dinner;

If our song will be once again on first place at the Himotuimmat list we promise: avoid weak ice.

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