Interview with Lauri in Anna

Lauri in Anna - magazine

There is a one page long interview with Lauri in the new Anna Magazine in Finland. A picture of the article can be found on the left side and a translation below:

Best Place
– I like to sit in Helsinki at the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa’s Cafe Aalto in the upstairs. In the cafeteria designed by Alvar Aalto you get such a feeling like the time would have stopped. No one recognizes me, because in the morning there is no one else there besides me and some old grannies. Some of them even panic if someone happens to sit at their places.

Best Music
– It’s a bit annoying that I have become such a critic music listener. Because also myself I’m a songwriter I sometimes analyze them very deep. I listen a lot to the soundtrack of Twin Peaks. Also classic music is relaxing.

Best TV-series
– I watch really rarely TV. My favorites are cooking shows. When I had more time, I watched Jamie Oliver’s shows and in the same time I taught myself how to cook. I was also fond of the Finnish TopChef, although I don’t like it being a competition.

Best Movie
– I like the slow motion style of Sofia Coppola. For some reason her movies are close to my own life. Also myself I have lived through the lonely moments of the main character from Lost in Translation in a japanese hotel room. Also the latest movie of Coppola, Somewhere have made an influence on me. In the main part there is a succesfull actor who has all, but is lonely.

Best Energy Source
– Last year I fancied running. It’s great that you don’t need any tools or don’t need to go by car anywhere – it’s enough to go out. Usually I ran about 10 km. By running also the thinking goes better and clearer. Those are the only moments of the day when I can be fully alone.

I look forward for
– The Rasmus’ European tour, which starts in May and goes on until the autumn. In October we’ll make for the first time a tour in Finland in concert halls.

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