Lauri @ MetroFM

Lauri have been guest yesterday at MetroFM, where he has been talking about the album release gig, work with Desmond Child and also about work process in making the songs. Video of the interview can be found at the end of the entry, and a summary of the interview below:

– Lauri tells that there were people from all over the world like from Czech, Poland and England, from Finland even from Rovaniemi;  at every song there was something that went wrong, like they did half of one song without drums; talking after the fans after the gig according to them the gig was great; they did last summer 2 months from morning 10AM  training and then went to Martin Hansen to record the album; Black Roses was surely the most expensive album they have ever done, and it was really not the thing they wanted because it should have been about them and done by them, not by someone else; albums work like a diary of the band; usually in making the songs the melodies come first, but sometimes also the lyrics for example Somewhere, to which inspiration came from the movie made by Sophie Coppola, in which Lauri tells that he even find himself in the main actor.


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