Eero & Pauli @ YleX Uuden Musiikin Iltavuoro

Eero & Pauli @ YleX

Yesterday evening Eero and Pauli have been guests at YleX Uuden Musiikin Iltavuoro. The interview in audio can be found from here, and a summary of the interview below:

– they wanted to make before new album but the material they did sounded too electronic so Lauri made the album, and then afterwards they luckily got into the train camp where they made a more Rasmus-like music than the one that ended up on Lauri’s solo album; work with Desmond was a great experience and they have learned a lot from him, especially in making the lyrics, but Eero thinks that in their band is more important that they all 4 write and decide on everything for the new material; they would have liked to make everything themselves but did not really get with the tech part like mixing and such, that’s why they went to Martin to Stockholm; before touring was like partying until morning and jumping on the stage, which now changed to visiting also cities; Pauli tells that it rarely feels like a job when they leave to touring, but still they miss the families and it’s good to see everyone again after the tour ends; Eero tells reading a comment on YouTube on I’m a Mess that someone said they previously had dark music and now they are really happy ones.

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