The Rasmus @ Yle TV 1 Aamu TV

The Rasmus @ Aamu TV

Today morning The Rasmus have been guest at Aamu TV on YLE TV1. Summary of the interview can be found below, and the video at the end of the entry.

– they wanted to name the album Kissa ja Hiiri [Cat and Mouse]; Lauri thinks that the overall feelings of the album are kind of positive even though some might sounds not really positive; Pauli tells that they managed to give something from each of them to the album; Lauri thinks that the album sounds really Rasmus like, when he listened yesterday the album he felt like he had already known them; Eero thinks that their friendship keeps the band together, when they have gone to Nosturi last summer surely the first weeks went for like therapy they were talking about everything; Eero tells that the old songs they call like ‘forever green’ classic songs; Aki’s favorite The Rasmus song is Falling, Lauri’s Immortal, Eero’s is Ghostbusters and Pauli’s is Stranger.


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