Lauri & Aki @ Huomenta Suomi/MTV3

Lauri & Aki @ Huomenta Suomi

Yesterday morning Aki and Lauri have been guests at Huomenta Suomi on MTV3 and talked about the new album and other things too. You can find the video at the end of the post and a summary of the interview below:

– during their work in the summer they made about 30 songs out of which they selected the 10 that are now on the album; Lauri thinks that his solo stuff gave a better way to the new The Rasmus album, because it gave him a lot of new ideas; Aki tells about them having a very active street team that work together with the labels and make them promotion too; work with Desmond was great but Lauri tells it felt like the making of Black Roses was kind of out of their own hands; when asked where they see themselves in 10 years Lauri tells that hopefully things will go on like this and they will still be doing music; sharing of the work is like Eero making video stuff [he has also made a movie in India that will probably come out in autumn], Aki is like the modern guy going with the Facebook and such, being a director of the band; Lauri remembers that earlier he could go anywhere without being recognized, but recently even in Thailand there are people coming and shouting ‘The Rasmus’ on the street.

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