The Rasmus -week at Radio Nova

Last week Radio Nova had a special week for the new The Rasmus album, they have played the whole album, about 2-3 songs everyday; and also the band have been there for interviews several times. On Sunday they had an interview from 10 to 11 AM, and after that a 3 song acoustic gig of I’m a Mess, Stranger and Sail Away. They have also answered some fan questions, most of them were in English too, and you can find them on the links below.

Lauri answers fan questions; Aki answers fan questions; Eero answers fan questions; Pauli answers fan questions; Interview

Interview summary [of the new things they have said]:
– Lauri’s most personal song is Sky which is about 5 years old song; Pauli’s favorite is Stranger which is also an old song; on Tuesday at the Release Party they will play only the new songs, none of the old ones; Lauri thinks that songs sound better live, and he believes they will play a lot of the songs from the album at the gigs on the tour;  their first tour is in May more like a promo tour, then come some festivals and in the autumn a longer tour which includes also Finland tour; Lauri had a 20 sqm flat in Kallio -Helsinki when Lauri’s sister moved to Prague and gave her flat to Lauri, they had a lot of parties there and also Rakkauslaulu have been born there; they have already talked about a new upcoming album, but they do not want to plan everything, they more like want to do something because they want; working with Desmond Child was a good experience, but didn’t feel like they were a whole band because it was only Lauri and Pauli working with Desmond on the album; Eero remembers as a lot of fans come to the bus and try to speak Finnish with them; Roles comes like Eero is making videos, Aki makes the updates on Facebook and Lauri with Pauli write the songs; Aki tells about his life before The Rasmus selling t-shirts of the band at the gigs and Pauli came to him telling that Janne isn’t in the band anymore and they went to make Last Waltz then; Aki remembers seeing The Rasmus at Ruisrock and he wasn’t a fan at all of the band, at which Lauri asks surprised ‘Whaaat?’ but then Aki adds that now he likes what he does.

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