The Rasmus @ Puoli Seitsemän

The Rasmus @ Puoli Seitsemän

Last week The Rasmus have also been at Puoli Seitsemän playing I’m A Mess Acoustic and giving also an interview. A summary of the interview can be found below, and I’m a Mess performance at the end of the entry.

–  Eero presents how they usually wash their feet in spring and mineral water after every gig; Lauri lost his shoes at Provinssirock at the Weezer gig on the first day of the festival and that was the only shoe he had with him for the whole festival; Pauli remembers they have burned  their school books at Reading Festival when it was cold; Aki tells as festival memory his meeting with Dave Grohl at Terremoto festival;  Eero tells about Ruisrock Rage Against Machine gig when he was doing some pogo in the front line and a security guy pulled him and when he told him to let him go he is an artist at the festival as well, the security guy took his VIP Pass; they tell about Mexican fans being more physical face to Finnish people also at the gigs; they thought about giving the title ‘Kissa ja Hiiri’ [Cat and Mouse] to the album, or Sattelite.

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