Lauri & Aki @ NRJ Aamupala

Lauri and Aki have been on Monday morning [02.04] in the NRJ Radio studio to have breakfast with 2 lucky fans, and to also give some information about the new album, released in 2 weeks time. Audio material from the show can be found here in 4 parts [1, 2, 3, 4], and a summary of what important they have said below.

– during the break Lauri did the solo album, since they had like 40 countries seen with the band, while the rest of the guys chilled some while; Aki was at home with his kids and he says he is lifting hat to all women at home with kids; now they have the Facebook stats where they can see where they have fans from; their manager sent them message that they have so exotic fans; Aki remembers a gig at Kazahstan where they had a lot of people in crowd and their warm up act was Gogo Girls in short skirts;

– Aki remembers the Russia tour with Alice Cooper and Scorpions when they had turbulence [the story is on their MySpace as blog,  Aki used to blog back then still], Scorpions’ manager was like when the pilot said we’re not flying, he said yes we’re flying; Lauri tells there are all kind of music on the new album, seems like full-The Rasmus album; they have did them all themselves; Aki tells he liked the fact that they worked with previous producer because they didn’t have to start from very beginning like ‘Jag heter Aki’ [=My name is Aki], but they went straight to the point like ‘where are the drums? there. okay let’s play’; back then they were asked to make music in Finnish but they said ‘fuck off’ and went to Sweden where they understand the being of internationalism;

– they would never see their band as an ESC artist, they would write songs for artist being in ESC competition, but they would never compete; the reporter asks about Lauri having the feathers in his hair, when Aki tells ‘he doesn’t have just in his hair!’ then the other guy shouts in ‘trousers down Lauri!’ , Aki remembers once in Italy when he wanted to leave the stage he got trapped by his scarf and was kinda suffocating when was saved, then Lauri that in Italy a woman got a tattoo on her whole back of Lauri face; out of their idols they have met most of them like touring with Metallica, Scorpions and Alice Cooper; Aki tells that when they were at Terremoto festival, he tried to find his way out to the exit when came David Grohl asking if he’s The Rasmus’ drummer, and offering him a drink;

– they tell about their tour in May and in October; Aki tried to get licence to motor because of his 30-years crisis, but did not work


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