Czech Interview with Lauri

You can find a Czech interview with with Lauri below, it’s in English though. Source:

Interviewer: How are you today?
Lauri: I’m fine, thanks for asking!

Interviewer: How would you describe your new album?

Lauri: We have a good feeling from the new album. The recording took place during the summer and the fall. We had a clear idea how the CD should look like. We collaborated with our friends and had a lot of fun!

Interviewer: Your first single is called “I’m A Mess”. Could you tell me what is it about?

Lauri: It was actualyl the last song wrote before going to the studio. We made it pretty quickly and spontaneously. We thought that this could be our first single from the new album. Nobody is actually perfect, that’s what this song is about.

Interviewer: Which song from the new album is your most favourite? What is the story behind it?

Lauri: I think that it could be the song “Sky”. It’s a ballad that has a deep personal meaning for me. I wrote it approximately five years ago. I can’t wait to play it live!

Interviewer: Are you excited about the upcoming European tour?

Lauri: Yes, we can’t wait to show our fans the new album and our older songs during those two weeks. It’s starting in a month, specifically on the 7th of May. The tour preparations are about to be finished. We believe that we’ll have a lot of fun. We’re also planning a few performances on a few festivals. After that, the world tour is awaiting us!

Interviewer: Do you have any time to go sight-seeing during the tour? What cities are your favourite?

Lauri: Of course, we’re always excited to do so! I’d mention Milano, London or Paris for example. Actually, we’re playing in this little club in Paris. But before that, I want to go and visit a few landmarks and have a enjoy a good coffee.

Interviewer: What “warm-up bands” are you going to have?

Lauri: We have a few names in our minds, but it’s still in progress, so I can’t tell anything more detailed. Just watch our official website!

Interviewer: What are your future plans?

Lauri: We intend to make more music, have a tour around the whole world, and meet some fans! We’re also looking forward to summer and festivals, because we have a very long winter in Finland, unfortunately.

Interviewer: Are you planning a duet or a collaboration with any Finnish bands?

Lauri: There are a lot of great bands from Finland, such as HIM or Apocalyptica, with whom we’ve cooperated before. But we’re planning no such thing at the moment, although it would be awesome if something like that happened!

Interviewer: What The Rasmus song is your most favourite to play live?

Lauri: That would be Immortal, since I experience an intense flow of energy between the fans and us.

Interviewer: What inspires you to write songs? Do you finish the melody first, or is it the text?

Lauri: I usually come up with a melody first. Everyday I get lots of ideas for new songs, so I always note everything on a dictaphone or on my computer. I actually have something like a “library of melodies”. But, occasionaly, it happens that I think of a text first; I made the song “Somewhere” fifteen minutes after watching a movie of the same name by Sofia Coppola.

Interviewer: What was the job you wanted to do as a little kid?

Lauri: I wanted to be a chef and have my own restaurant. I was six years old, I think. I liked to prepare all sorts of yummy things for my family. I also had my own menu, from which you could pick anything.

Interviewer: What is the craziest thing you’ve done?

Lauri: I could think of a lot of things, but the craziest was probably deep-diving in Vladivostok where the water was only 6°C! It was a great experience. I also went deep-diving to Caribbean.

Interviewer: And what romantic thing did you do for somebody?

Lauri: I made the dinner, for example.

Interviewer: What is your favourite country that you like to travel to?

Lauri: Naturally, Finland is my most favourite country in the whole world. But I love travelling and getting to know different cultures. I loved being in Singapore where I had been with the guitarist, Pauli. I like to travel to Mexico or South America. Oh, I can’t forget to mention Norway. I admire the beauty of the nature there.

Interviewer: What comes to your mind first when somebody mentions Czech Republic?

Lauri: I remember my first visit to Prague when I was fifteen. My sister had lived here for a while, so I went to visit her. I liked all of those historical buildings. And I was also pleased to be treated so nicely by everybody!

Interviewer: And when are you planning to visit the Czech Republic?

Lauri: I hope anytime soon! We received a lot of invites to all sorts of summer festivals in different countries. It’s for the organizers to decide. We continue with another tour in fall, so this option is more probable.

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