Lauri & Aki @ YleX Radio

Lauri & Aki @ YleX Iltapäivä

Here you can find the audio interview from today’s YleX Iltapäivä. Summary of the new things can be find below, they just told the same thing as before too. Also there is a video below at the end of which you can find something funny with the guys! 😆

-if they could compete in something it would be length, or for Lauri it would be something cooking competition; Aki tells that in F-f-f-falling video he even cried while playing the drums, Lauri adds that in studio he just puts up his legs on the table and does not much with alcohol-free gin; I’m a mess was the last song to be born before they have left to Sweden, Lauri even wrote part of the lyrics in the studio about the 2 months that have went by before leaving to studio; Lauri’s solo album influenced the new The Rasmus album that way that the songs hare born now more spontaneously than before; after the autumn tour in Finland they plan on more gigs in Europe and in even Japan.

3 comments on “Lauri & Aki @ YleX Radio”

  1. LOL… i nearly wet myself laughing, they are a hoot! thanks for the video 😀

  2. i can’t see this video, say that is a private video 😦

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