Lauri & Aki @ Radio Rock

The second radio station where Aki and Lauri have been guests today was Radio Rock. You can find video interview in 3 parts on their website: 1, 2, 3.

– Lauri always wanted to have some normal career, but couldn’t make it more than just cut the stuff in his backyard last  year when he also cut his hands; the reason for the break they had was that when Lauri started to make some demos on laptop and they tried to make it with guitars it didn’t just made it how they wanted, and then last summer they went to Nosturi and started to make some new stuff; the break was approved by everyone, was Lauri’s idea but they was all supporting him, Aki thinks a break for a band that have been active for years it doesn’t make bad; during the gigs they more like do in free time sightseeing than drinking and stuff like before, Lauri adds that they did see many cities before but more like night life and in morning at 5 then ‘soundcheeeeck’; with the family also the touring goes like before, none of the family members join their touring, Aki adds that the tour bus not a place for kids; they keep in touch with family through Skype more than flying home once in a while.

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