Lauri & Aki @ Radio Aalto

Lauri & Aki @ Radio Aalto

You can find a 2 part long interview with Aki and Lauri from today at their visit at the Radio Aalto. Part 1Part 2.  Summary of the most important things and news can be find below.

– The Rasmus are now 18 years old, and there is a new website with old pics, very personal material; Aki: “Lauri and Alice Cooper came to the stage hands in hands (in Russia). there was love in the air”; – Lauri has Elton John’s shirt. he got from a tour manager who was managing Elton John as well. he is using that; -interviewer asked him how does E.J. smells: “for sure like a rose… i don’t know… i don’t remember… i smell very bad on tour” – says Lauri ; – In october they will have a concert  hall tour in Finland, because they have heard from Eicca (Apocalyptica) that it’s a nice experience. they think that people can concentrate better to the gig and after that they can leave to a bar and drink; – nice feeling to sleep in the tour bus and wake up in the next city; – finally Lauri would like to see the cities during daytime too. maybe having a “museum-tour”; – the idea of I’m a mess came a day before going to the studio; – latins are very fanatics, way too agressive; Lauri: there are fans who speak Finnish very well; – Aki: “of course when we go to a new country we appreciate the culture, for example food culture and habits, traditions; – His activity in Haavisto’s Elections was personal, because they are friends since 15 years, he has never been politically active before.

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