Lauri & Aki @ Radio Nova

Photo by Radio Nova

Lauri and Aki have been today at Radio Nova to talk about the new stuff coming up, and also I’m a Mess had it’s radio premiere at this radio station. On this page you can listen to the interview and also the studio version of I’m a Mess.

Aki and Lauri will be tomorrow at Radio Aalto, Radio Rock and YleX for interviews and with I’m a Mess. Below you can find the summary of the Radio Nova interview.

-the new album has a do-it-yourself feeling, now that they have done it without any pressure;
-they haven’t been listening too much to the new songs yet and feels like a completely new stuff;
-Aki experienced during their break that some have asked him if the band have broke up or what happened with them.
-Lauri remembers when everytime they are in Latin-America it’s like a whole other feeling, having to walk around with security when already at the airport people are waiting, like leaving in peace from Helsinki-Vantaa and in there is crazy already after landing. Aki adds that they often just eat separately too because of this.
-album is more pop-rock, has nothing to do with his solo stuff and has no influences from it.
-Lauri tells when asked if they will ever will be in Eurovision, that probably not since he doesn’t like to compete in music.
-I’m a mess was born in the last moment before leaving for recordings, and as theme has nobody’s perfect.

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