Interviews at the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu

There appeared several interviews made with the guys at the Helsinki Jäähalli. Below you can find link to the videos and also a summary of what the guys have been talking about.

Summeri has made an interview with the guys right before show time.
-they have been doing last album 4 years ago, which according to Lauri seems fucking long; if they have to choose one song of them for Eurovision it would be P.S from the very first album; Lauri tells they have opening up yesterday a new website (which still doesn’t work lol);

Here is another interview made with The Rasmus, interview is in English.

A third interview was made by ChaosTube, Lauri tells about the new video they did in Japan, but they don’t know when the video will be released; the new album does not have a special theme like Black Roses did, they just did the songs without any planning; they don’t think of taking an end to their career, they even told during the jamming in the summer that this song not now, maybe next album.


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