Lauri & Aki @ Aamu TV

The Rasmus @ Aamu TV

Video can be seen from here, thanks to Oana. Summary of what the guys have been talking about can be found below:

-called to guys to come home to make music

-they made an album through their own record label with the old producers.

-album sounds like real old The Rasmus, it has a good feeling and it will be released during spring

-when asked what they did different face to BR, Lauri said they did this with their own hands, and no one told them what to do, didn’t cost that much either. They decided on 10 songs which after were ready they went to record it.

-it’s only them 4 who decide what singles will come.

-I’m a mess was the last song they made from a 2 minutes demo.

-they chose UMK because the competition would be great there and sounds like a really old Eurovision song

-they will open the whole UMK competition

-solo career will be now on pause and before new TR stuff maybe will continue a bit too that one, but meanwhile making stuff for his solo come ideas also for TR

-he thinks releasing 100 songs in 17 years in few, and wouldn’t call himself a musician

-during the pause Aki says he was home with his son, taking a break, relaxing. Aki thinks this break made good for their own private lives.

-Lauri tells that previously they woke up in the studio, now the kids are waking them up shouting, makes some difference, but it feels good.

-they are excited bout people hearing their new music

-in a few weeks they will leave to Tokio to make a new video.

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