The Rasmus: Our new song sounds like Eurovision song

Photo by UMK

Seems like the new infos and interviews are on way to promote the new material the guys will release during this spring. YleX posted an interview made with Lauri and Aki here. TRranslation can be found below.

Also Aki and Lauri will be guests at YleX Aamu on 23.01.2012 at 7.30AM [Finnish Time] to talk about the new material and upcoming The Rasmus plans.

YleX informed in october, that The Rasmus are in studio recording their new album. The album is now mixed and it will be released in spring.

A teaser of now the album will sound we will hear at the final of UMK, when The Rasmus’ long waited I’m a mess new single will have its worldwide premier.

–          We have a realy good song. I just told that it sound like an Eurovision song, putting the guitars on for sing. It will be a great evening, great atmosphere, Lauri smiles.

UMK Final will be streamed, so that all over the world will be possible to follow the premier of the song of The Rasmus on the Internet.

–          It is great  that it will be streamed. We anyways have a lot of fans, that are waiting for the new album and song, all over the world. It’s exciting, cause we will surely get a lot of feedback on it, Aki tells.

–          But as Lauri said, this our song sounds probably more like Eurovision than many others in the contest. I listened to all of the participants and there were all kind from schlager to rock, and our poprock fits in just perfect, Aki continues.

The Rasmus, however, have not yet planned on participating in the contest.

–          Maybe we participate sometimes later, Lauri commented.

The Rasmus will leave for a tour to promote the new album, but the plans are still very open.

–          We will do a release gig in Finland, and Finland-tour will surely be only in the autumn, it would also be great to play at some festivals during the summer, Aki tells.

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