Swedish Interview with Lauri

Today appeared on the website of the Swedish YLE a short interview with Lauri. Translation below was made with the help of Google.

Lauri Ylönen of The Rasmus will represent Finland in the category of Best Worldwide Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The Rasmus won all the prizes, EMMA awards and others, but now Lauri was voted alone for the Best Finnish Acts at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011. All countries voted for their own best artist, and between them they compete for the title of the Best Worldwide Act.

Lauri is now in Sweden, recording new album with The Rasmus, and of course we got hold of his feathers in his hair.

How do you feel Lauri?

-Fantastic! I’ve just started my solo career, so obviously I have my own fans too. It’s great that so many people voted for me.

Lauri is competing with artists such as Eve and the HeartMakers from Norway and Adele from UK.

-If I get to go to Belfast, it will be fun to meet them.

What happens to The Rasmus now that there is separately Lauri too?

-They go together well, both projects are living their own lives.

All the feathers you have come with you to the shows too?

-They are of course everywhere with me. I get feathers from the fans as well. I of course think if I dare to use them because of the world’s bird flu. But I’m a bird myself, so I’m well-immune.

After having done also your solo album, you have been your own boss in the same time, you now have to share the responsibility. How it’s going?

-I have received feedback that I have became more bossy. Ouch. But The Rasmus has a long history of over 15 years, so it’s working. It’s fun to work with the guys again.

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