Mexican Interview with Eero

A few days ago appeared in the Mexican news portal called Chillango, a short interview with Eero. He told about current plans and working progress on the The Rasmus album, and also about what will the setlist of the Mexican gigs mostly contain. Translation below taken from UnRealRasmusNews.

Building on the release of Best of 2001-2009: Mexican Tour Edition, and the next two concerts, talk to Eero, The Rasmus, who told us about the upcoming album of the band and Mexico.

Why did you decide to launch an edition of ” Best of “special for Mexico?

We asked if we wanted to release this collection in Mexico, and we decided we would do it because we will have some concerts there, and we have many fans. The suggestion came from the label and said, “Okay, let’s do it.”

Do you plan to make editions of some other country, or just here?

Only in Mexico, because, in fact, this year we have been performing more than these two coming in the city of Mexico. It is very interesting. We are now in the recording studio in Sweden, working on new material. We have ten new songs and we recorded almost half.

What do you think were your greatest influences for the creation of this new album?

That’s a good question. We have been talking about many bands and many artists when we rehearsed. We talked about Bruce Springsteen, Kings of Leon, we talked about Dubstep, something new is happening, I think it started in London, Kent and we talked about a band noventera of Sweden, who plays alternative rock.

How do you think you have evolved from Rasmus Peep to Black Roses ?

We were very young when we launched our first album at age 15. Just played with the music. We loved to sing silly songs or did not have any message in the lyrics, or anything. Slowly begin to understand the importance of the composition, and try to rehearse, write good songs. We’ve gone through several styles: funk rock, melodic pop rock, and then began to have moods darker in pop rock. Now, I know, the songs feel like they are making a positive atmosphere, lots of energy. They are happy, but somewhat melancholy. I think it’s a good mix. Is bittersweet.

Sounds like a very interesting concept …

Yes, I am very inspired by him. You want to leave the public with this new album because I want to hear what people like to hear it.

In a few weeks will be presented in the Federal District. What can fans expect from this show?

This show is like a payment for the sadness that cause people when we could not play in Mexico because of swine flu. We were also very sad because we were ready for the National Auditorium, and there were many fans excited, and that’s what they told us we had to cancel the show. That was horrible. Now we come back we want to make a better show. We want to play all the songs you love people, and play some new, at least one. Also, some of which did Lauri for your solo project. I am very happy about this because we have not had a long concert, and we will give much pleasure to be on stage. The fans in Mexico are unbelievable.

How do you prepare for a show like this?

Rehearse, and we talked our ideas about things we could do on stage. I think the most important in a show like this is a good time with people. So, we will not do things in a bad mood: want to have fun. We have incredible fans in Mexico, so we will take our time and enjoy two nights.

You have previously been in Mexico, where do you like to visit?

I remember that the city is a huge place, but the places that have stayed in my mind are many. One day we had a concert at the Estadio Azteca and sang some acoustic songs and was very beautiful: there were many people, and everyone was very excited. We also visited the pyramids of Teotihuacan, I think there is something very special there. There are places that are sacred, you know? I think in that sense is very special Teotihuacán. I remember the National Auditorium, where we touched. Once we took the Zócalo. We have very fond memories of Mexico.

And the Mexican food? Do you like?

Yes, of course. The first thing we do when we get to Mexico is to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant and order a big meal. I love that you put lemon in everything. We also like the weather. Right now we’re in Sweden, where it is cold, and it’s starting to rain at night, then it will be fantastic for us to go and enjoy a warm place for a while.

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