Chat with Lauri & Aki

Live chat with Aki and Lauri on FB

Seems like the guys are not even tired after long recording day, since Aki and Lauri have been chatting for about half an hour on Facebook. Here are the messages they have posted. 

It’s Aki & Lauri here…
Sorry bad connection…
We’ll come to Italy on the next tour, when the new album is out!
Hopefully we’ll play in Guatemala again! Love your country!
Everybody doing great! Just had a long studio day, drums done for the next album, tomorrow eero starts to rec bass
Melis, i think we’ll play in Bulgaria on the next tour, see you then, ok?
Pics of Eero, i’ll try to send you one tomorrow…
Jayne…We don’t have any plans yet…would be great, but now we need to do the album ready first, heheheh
Hopefully you’ll get to hear the first single in the spring!
Recordings going well! Very happy about every song we decided to record!
We’ll shoot a video in the begining of next year
someone was asking ab the produser, we have a good old Martin Hansen working with us, We recorded Into, Dead Letters and HFTS with him
Internet connection sucks in this hotel, sorry about that!
Black rose was only for the previous album, now we create something else
Somebody asked about Pauli, he’s great too! In the next hotel room, soon we’ll have a dinner with our friend here in stockholm!
When eero is ready with his bass stuff, then Pauli will play the guitars, and Lauri sings the last
Yes, see you soon in MEX, can’t wait!

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