New album from The Rasmus – Lauri’s solo career for a break

New album of The Rasmus coming soon

Here is a short interview/article with Lauri by YleX, thanks for the first hand sharing to The Rasmus Germany. Translation of the article can be found below by GOL team.

The Rasmus are recording their new studioalbum at their best in Stockholm.

The band traveled to Sweden by ship all in silence last weekend.
-It was basically a back-to-roots this while studio session. We came to Sweden just like in 2000, and we’re with the same team, producers Martin Hansen, The Rasmus’ singer Lauri Ylönen tells to YleX. 
Also the upcoming album’s songs have been born in the same mood.
-We did songs the same way than before, like all amplifiers to one place and sweating at the training place, not like making music in front of the computer, Lauri tells.
The band spent the last summer at the training place, two months making songs and the studio sessions started yesterday. 
-Right at the beginning of the next year comes new material, the musician promises. 
Lauri’s solo career remains at least for now to be on break to give space for The Rasmus.
-Solo career continues until the end of the year and during the spring there is also something, but then the thing is left for a pause and be giving as full for The Rasmus , frontman says.
The new album does not yet have a name, but according to Ylönen it all will be born during studio sessions. Also not all of the lyrics are yet ready.  
Steve Harris said once that all the best songs are born under stress,  i’m sure about that. The songs are born honestly without any fantasy world and in the lyrics come to be all my own feelings and feelings of the moment, Lauri ends.

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