Interview with Lauri in

Thanks to The Rasmus Germany, here is an interview with Lauri. Translation was made with Google Translate.

Lauri from “The Rasmus” has released a solo album. In an interview with the Finn for he speaks about how fatherhood has changed him.
Lauri, for 17 years you are the singer of The Rasmus. What is it like to be on the road now as a solo artist?
I feel reborn! It is so refreshing and inspiring, just to make music, without thousands of people and their money involved in it. The whole The Rasmus thing had become so. I hated it. The time is now as it was when we were almost unknown with the band. I feel the absolute freedom!
Your solo album sounds very electronic. Were you tired by the guitar sounds?
I was bored by the whole rock. I wanted to make an album that I can listen to at night while driving in my car.
For three years you are the father of a son …
Yes, Julius is wonderful! Because of him I’ve changed my lifestyle completely. I had to ask from myself what I want to be him as a dad, so to think about myself and rearrange things.
In what way?
I drank no alcohol for two years or more. Especially with the band at that time I did it for a long time exaggeratedly. We celebrated after every concert at extravagant parties. And unfortunately I am a man of extremes – if I do something, then I do it properly.
Did you have a serious drinking problem?
I would not say that. For Julius, I pulled the emergency brake in time.
You have written a song for Julius.
Yes, this may be a cliché. But I felt deep inside me that I had to write “Because Of You”. I could not produce a solo album, without to have sung about Julius.
Will you be leaving The Rasmus now?
No. I meet the guys in the studio next month. I’m starting to miss them.
Lauri’s album “New World” is available in stores.


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