Russian Interview with Lauri

Thanks to The Rasmus Germany and Irina Lomakina for the notification and translation of this interview from Rovesnik magazine.

I. -You’ve begun your solo-career and, of course, there’s some questions about The Rasmus’ future. You said the band doesn’t brake but why did you deside to work alone instead of sharing your ideas with your bandmates?

L. -We tried to play some songs from the new material, but it didn’t fit to us. I had a mission – make the album that I could listen in car during driving at night. I needed that CD in my own collection, so I decided to do this. We started to work, and I went to Singapore to meet with Pauli, now he lives in. But material didn’t fit to band. Electro-sounding haslet my vocal to be the only “animated” thing, so it seems to intimate. When the band played these songs, to me it seems boring.

I. -But guys wanted to take part in your project or you had to do it by yourself basically?
L. -They liked material and they agreed it’s not for The Rasmus. So we decided to begin from the start. I’ll make solo-album and then come back in the band, and we’ll start with a clean slate. We just have to take gitars, turn on guitar amps and “bdzhzhzhzhzh” (try to make a loud sound of electro-gitars.) and at first to get necessary energy.

I. -So you think it’s easy to switch from techno to rock music?
L. -Yes, without any problem. I’ve already decided I’ll make the second solo-album, but I’m not sure what style will be. And now I don’t want to think about it. Usually I make music in my head before taking instrument in hands, plan what to do. A lot of songs from the new album could fit to the band and some of the riffs remind me of the guitar riffs. I felt I should try another way. Now it’s very easy: I have a rock-band and I have “strange” band. (laughing). By the way I can be more productive. I’ve always complained that The Rasmus, being an excellent band, released only ten songs each 3 years. We’ve been together 17 years already and released only 7 albums, I would like to see there were already 14. I want more, I have many ideas I tried to make being in the band. Now I can prove to everyone it’s really good ideas

I. -How long are you interested in techno and dance-music?
L. -I’ve always been interested in minimalistic club-music. Since Daft Punk have appeared, I’ve always been a fan of them as well as Prodigy and Hybrid Sound System. From this time I like this music, sometimes it’s very usefull to listen somethink like that.

I. -Do you have other hobbies?
L. -I draw every day. I’m interested in architecture and study how to construct the building. This is my secret passion. I design house I’m going to build. Drawing keeps me from music sometimes.

I. -Since 2009 you haven’t appeared in public, what happend in your life?
L. -I spent my time with my family, especially with my son. I was afraid I miss his childhood because of my touring. Other guys from the band also have children, so we decided to take a break a couple of years.

I. – You took part in every stage of production of a new album: the recording, producing, in a video shoot. After tasting creative freedom will it easy for you to work again under others and do what somebody says you?
L. -Good question! Yes, I think it’s easy because I have my own project. Sometimes it doesn’t need to compromise – this I like most of solo-career. If I want to do something, I don’t need to think twice. Band – it’s something different. Four of us, and everyone should like what we do, and then there is a producer and record label – all of these filters. I like to work in areas whish I know very little, such as produsing or playing myself all instrument. I began to improvise more than ten years ago.

I. -This is how people find new hobbies.
L. -Yes, for me it’s not enough to be just a vocalist.

I. -New album isn’t come out yet in Europe, but how was it in Finland?
L. -Very good, next month we have some gigs. First show we will play in Helsinki, then some summer festivals. In the autumn we will touring in Finland and, I hope, we’ll visit Russia.

I. -Did you have difficulties in the process of writing songs for the new album?
L. -No, everything was ok. Actually, in the end when I decided it will be solo-album. I had 5 weeks to write 5 songs. I like to work under pressure. I would like to bring all songs which I had, but I had to choose songs I liked more. I made a song even from 10-second piece. I wrote many texts with special sense, with kind of history.
But text also can be written about simple thing, not overloaded information.

Then he talks about making “Heavy”. There’s no something new.

I. -Where did you find an idea for “Heavy”-video?
L. -Crazy mind come in my mind very often. For example, I wanted to make video with The Rasmus in teddy bear costumes. But our record label haven’t agreed with me. I think, shooting must have fun. It isn’t necessary to shoot another video where you have to look sexy, look at the camera this way and that. We have removed dozens of similar videos. Now I have my own company. So if I want to shoot a video with puppets, so it will be. I called Owe, he directed some videos for The Rasmus – “Justify” and “October and April”, we worked on the script and then I moved to him for a few weeks and we started to shoot. It’s very simple and how it should be. Business and money are not a priority.

I. -What would you say to your russian fans?
L. -See you on tour!


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