Eero @ Aamu- TV

Screens by Oana

Eero has been guest today at Aamu TV from 8.50AM. Those from Finland can watch the video from here. As soon as possible i will upload the video on YouTube and attach it here, so check back once in a while. Summary of what Eero was talking about can be found below.

-They changed Rasmus to The Rasmus because there already was a Swedish artist called Rasmus which actually was his real name too and they didn’t wanted any confusion with that.
-Eero just came to Finland from Italy. He has moved there about a year ago because his wife got a job offer in an international school. They live in a small town there with really typical Italian sights. He founds that it’s nice being back in Helsinki after a long time. They came home by car from Italy and took the ship from Stockholm, where from he’d the feeling like he’s going to Lapland that there isn’t anything else than just woods.
-Now The Rasmus is at the training camp where they are making new songs and working.
-The new The Rasmus album it’s hard to say what it will sound like but it has guitar, bass, drums and singing, old The Rasmus style. Most of them are like what Eero heard in the old archives of Lauri but are also some new ones.
-The style of the music will be the same pop-rock they have been always doing with the band.
-He can’t say when the album will come out, but hopes that something will come out in autumn.
-He thinks having a break is good, he had the time to make something else too and be with his family.
-They were very young when they released the first album, and was great when people came to ask for autographs, but he thinks that he’s still the same teen as he was before…they just grow up a little, everyone having families and have to also think about other things than themselves.
-Recently Eero has been into making movies, he directed a few documentaries. This winter he just finished a fiction movie that has been made in Nepal with a Finnish actor, was based on a diary book by Tero Tähtinen.
-If he had to chose of going on with The Rasmus or do his directing work in his future, he would like to make both in the same time, but anyhow he would stick to The Rasmus as it looks that a really good material is about to come by the band.

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