Russian interview with Lauri

Thanks to The Rasmus Germany and Irina Lomakina, here is a short and funny interview with Lauri published by a Russian magazine.

I. -When was the last time you was laughing from the soul?
L. -Recently I laugh very often because of my son! He has what to say! (laughing)

I. -When was the last time you were fined for speeding?
L. -Never! But I’m fined probably every day for the parking. I give probably a half of my money because of my parking.

I. -When was the las time you lost a bet?
L. -I never lose a bet, I’m always right! For example, I said single “Heavy” wiil be in Top-3 national chart and it was true!

I. -When was the last time you had a fight in the Internet?
L. -I’m realy old-fashined with the Internet. I have a Facebook account for my solo-project, there I put a material, but I don’t talk almost. If I have a fight with somebody I do it by e-mail.

I. -When was the last time you went to sauna?
L. -If I have an opportunity I do it every day. I like to pour different liquid on the hot stone. For example, coffee smells cool! But it doesn’t need to pee: stones have nasty spirit! (laughing)

I. -When was the last time you was scared?
L. -I had a small operation not long ago. I was afraid that someone would give a sleep to me and control myself. After operation my friend and I joked what doctors could do with me during my sleep: for example, to take a photo with me or to move my lips in time The Rasmus’ songs. (laughing)

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