Interview with Lauri in FUZZ Magazine [Russia]

Photo by Ilkka Hämäläinen

Thanks to The Rasmus Germany for sharing this interview. You can find a translation below, translation made with Google Translate.

In an interview to FUZZ Lauri Ylönen, frontman of The Rasmus, spoke about the motives that made him release a solo album “New World”, and about what futures his project has.

FUZZ: What and when prompted you to bring out a solo album?

Lauri: It all known a few months ago, when I flew to our guitarist Pauli to Singapore. I had some ideas in mind, what we transpose with computers and synthesizers. Only later, when I was back in Finland, we sat down together with the whole band and realized that this is not electronic, the sound is from The Rasmus. Then I told the guys: “If we do not bring out the songs with The Rasmus, I’ll try it on a solo album.

FUZZ: Did you have an idea that should sound like the songs?

Lauri: I wanted to write something that you can hear at night when driving well.

FUZZ: The album you’ve worked as a producer?

Lauri: That’s right. I’m not the best producer and do not know me with the program from keyboards and drums. I’ve just tried. I have also participated in the cover and booklet design, I have the video for “Heavy” and worked in principle, I had my hands in almost every pie. That was all I mortised.

FUZZ: The album was released by your own label «Dynasty Helsinki» without the support of a major record company. What are the feelings of such freedom of action?

Lauri: Honestly – I’m very happy. I have a lot of room to work. And there’s heaps of people who always monitor something.

FUZZ: Thus, the album «New World» really was the beginning of the “new world” for Lauri Ylönen?

Lauri: Yes, you can say so. Rock sound – that’s what I live most of my life. But a while ago I started listening to electronic albums with a minimalistic sound, in the end I wanted to do something similar. When created the new album, I was more guided by The Prodigy and Daft Punk more, than a rock record. Also, I listened to the Australian group The Presets – they have a very diverse electronic material.

FUZZ: Do you have plans for solo concerts?

Lauri: Yes, of course. First of all, now a couple of festivals during summer and autumn, then another tour. But the tour will be different from The Rasmus. There are no large warehouses with a lot of merchandising and so on. I think we will play in small clubs with 300-500 people. It would be nice if I would be invited to Russia.

FUZZ: The logical question – what will happen with THE RASMUS?

Lauri: Fans of THE RASMUS also may not be distressed. Despite the tight schedule, this summer the group will continue to work in the studio on new tracks with new inspiration. We no longer have to think about whether to change the sound, we do what we do best. Perhaps this year you will hear our new single.

FUZZ: It turns out that THE RASMUS will continue to perform guitar rock, and solo works you will experiment with electronic sound?

Laurie: Absolutely not. On the next record I’ll do whatever comes into my head in the style in which it turns out. I have lots of ideas. Each new track on the new album may be different and unlike what I did before.

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