Broken arm did not stop The Rasmus singer from a concert in Vilnius


After the gig in Vilnius Lauri gave an interview to where he also told to the worrying people what have happened to his arm. A translation of the article can be found below, translation made with Google Translate.

Yesterday in Vilnius at White Bridge on the scene of “Purple Night” appeared the leader of the Finnish The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen. He was tormented by a painful rupture in arm a few days before he arrived to sing in Vilnius.

The concert was organized for free for residents of Vilnius bu telecommunication company Omnitel, where Lauri Ylönen sang with his hand surrounded with purple plaster. He told he loves skateboarding and broke his hand during it on the streets on Helsinki.

“Nice color. It’s much nicer than the green band on which this is suspended”-the singer praised the color.

He came to Vilnius only to sing one song.

“This time will be singing only one song, but sure I will come back to Lithuania in the summer and then you can hear more songs from my new solo album”-told before his performance Lauri Ylönen.

The singer said his solo album is slightly different in music than of his band, The Rasmus.

“With The Rasmus i sing more lyrics songs. My album is more electronic, techno sounds.”-said Lauri.

Last time he was in Lithuania was last year when he sang in the Trakai castel. The artist says he was impressed by the Lthuanin public.

“People here are very similar to those in Finland. I feel like as if i were in Helsinki”-compared the leader of The Rasmus.

However, there was a warm feeling from the audience before the show at Purpurine Naktis, Lauri Ylönen could not hide his excitement. To the concert he came straight from the hospital on Wednesday where he also had a surgery on his ruptured hand. Thus the singer did not have time to rehearse.

“I don’t know, looks like the scene waits with my microphone. Besides, I really hurtmy hand. I don’t know how can I keep the microphone. –he said half jokingly, half serious.

However after he came down from the stage he was smiling broadly, on Friday morning he already flew back to Helsinki for further treatment on his arm.

Pictures from the gig can be found here: ; ; ;


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