This housework Lauri Ylönen hates!

Lauri @ EMMA Gaala 2011

Thanks to The Rasmus Germany, here is a small interview/article with Lauri from Metrolive talking about his life, what he hates doing around the house and why he hates going out on a Friday evening. Translation can be found below.

The Rasmus’ solist Lauri Ylönen have been half of his life a celebrity. Nevertheless he doesn’t find his celebrity being distressing.
-My life is quite unusual in many ways, but it became normal to me. I built a clear path, on which I can drive without muzzle. I don’t really want to go out on a Friday evening to the cinema. Cider drinker teens’ finger-pointing applause can become quite disturbing.
Ylönen and his fiancé PMMP’s Paula Vesala live in two houses: in a modest wooden house in Helsinki’s Vallila and in a three-floor 150 sqm house in Helsinki’s Jollas. The couple has a son, Julius, who has been born in 2008. During the break from the gigs Ylönen mainly focused on his family.
-I enjoy housework, except for dishwashing. Our dishwasher just broke down, Lauri Ylönen told.

Here there is a 3-minute audio interview from NRJ Radio Finland in which Lauri speaks about his well being and of quitting drinking because it was best for him. He also told that he tried quitting already once about 3 years ago but then Aki came like ‘Let’s go to the bar!’ and he started drinking again. Thanks for the sharing to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum.

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