Lauri in Las Vegas [City Interview Update]

Lauri in Suosikki

We posted an interview with Lauri previously here from City Magazine. The website was updated with some flash questions more. So here comes the translation of them.

Wash your feet with vichy!

The Rasmus guys wash their feet always after gigs with vichy. Try it you too! Lauri teaches you!

  1. 1.       How much vichy do we need to wash our feet?
    One bottle is enough.
  2. 2.      Do we pour the water into the container or directly on feet?
    We put on the floor a double towel. We pour then the mineral water on the feet slowly while rubbing the toes.
  3. 3.      Do we use soap or something else?
    Nothing. After washing we dry the feet well and leave it about 7 minutes to rest.
  4. 4.      Is Pellegrino the best?
    San Pellegrino is the best, but others are good to if there isn’t anything better. Though I don’t recommend flavored water.
  5. How does it feel being washed? What kind of feeling remains?
    It’s heavenly, also the washing and after the washing.

Lauri’s addiction situation

After the interview it still was doubtful is Lauri has any bad vices. We sorted it out via phone from Las Vegas during Easter.

Hei Lauri! How long have you been now without drinking, or you took a taste of the party again?
Heh, I am. Have been now for 2 years without drinking. Going to parties doesn’t always include only alcohol. And now, I haven’t ended with it because of my son, as the newspapers tell, but because of myself. It’s better to be. I’m more like that on-off guy that we drink or not.

What else is that you pull on? What for you have addiction then?
I don’t use anything else than coffee. It’s the only vice, if you can count that like it. With The Rasmus coffee is to us the thing that keeps anyways. With that you can play, with drinks not.

Okay. On a range from 1-10 how much you miss Julius right now?
Well ten! I have just read to him a tale via Skype. It’s morning here now.

Have fun! What are you doing anyways in Las Vegas?
We make here a music video, I come back until May Day. We rented a red car with which tomorrow we leave to Los Angeles.

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