Lauri for Finska Pinnar

Here is a 5:31 minutes long interview with Lauri made via phone by Finska Pinnar in which he talks about the concept of New World: being a night drive album, about Amanda; summer plans of The Rasmus: they will rent a nice place where they will start making a new album of the band. Translation of the written article can be found below:

To Lauri Ylönen it goes good. The Rasmus’ frontman just released his solo album New World which already had success above expected. The single Heavy was also weeks long on Finska Pinnar List. Heavy video was made in a winter-like surrounding around Uumaa, but the idea of the song was born in a taxi in Singapore.

Solo project doer Lauri has changed style from the dark texted rock-pop songs to a more happier electronic and disco music mixture style. Songs have lighter sound, despite the lyrics of New World handle pretty hard topics. The single Heavy for example deals with freedom of speech.
-I got the idea of the song from a taxi driver in Singapore. He told me that I am a lucky guy that I live in Finland and I can say what I want, Lauri tells.
The video of the song was shoot in Uumaa, Northern Sweden’ part. In the video Lauri performs with a puppet that reminds to a bird, Amanda. In a few weeks the singer will leave to New York to shoot a continuing part of the video.

Lauri’s mytical feathers

For almost 15 years the signs of Lauri were the feathers in his hair. The man would like to keep the secret of feathers for himself. By the time, however, the color of the feathers have changed to black.
-Previously I had brighter hair and bright colored feathers, he told.
In previous interviews the man told that the feathers symbolize freedom. Despite the feathers stayed, the life style of the rock star have changed to a family man lifestyle.
-I start in the morning with jogging, after which I have a cup of green tea. After that is good to start the work.


The Rasmus comes back to studio next autumn

Lauri Ylönen became famous through the international successful The Rasmus. Both other band members and the fans have received the solo career pretty good. Either The Rasmus will be abandoned because of Lauri’s solo project, the band plans to go back to studio next autumn.
-During summer we planned with The Rasmus guys to have a summer camp. We thought to rent a cottage, to play, to be in sauna and to grill.


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