Lauri Interview @ YleX Himotuimmat

Lauri @ YleX Himotuimmat

Lauri has been interviewed by YleX Himotuimat just about half an hour ago. You can find the audio interview here, and a summary of what he have said below.

-when asked what was the hardest moment in his life he replied jokingly ‘being born’ but then he added that also their career before 2000 when they had to thinks up how to work things out; since Black Roses his world has changed a lot, he has chilled more and when they were making BR there was a lot of pressure on them but it was a good experience, he learned that things have to be done by itself; it was great to play with sounds and do then lyrics; he told that solo songs are somewhat better than the TR ones and the band members took it good; he has been talking hours with Pauli on Skype discussing how and what to do on the album during the summer, and also been with Aki to the gym discussing stuff about the band project; he already has a lot of new ideas for a second solo album, but they will keep The Rasmus as pop/rock band; the feathers in his hair symbolize somehow the freedom in the world; for him it’s unbelievable that Heavy has been nr. 1 on the YleX Himotuimmat list because he has never expected anyone would like the sound; if he could be one animal he would be raccoon, but if it would be to choose for a bird it would be eagle; he would like to build himself a house and own a restaurant, make the menu himself; right now he likes very much sauna and hopes he can do it during the weekend.


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