Lauri about breaking up of Elonkerjuu: Tähkä decided about it long ago!

Here are two articles published by MetroLive and Iltasanomat, that Lauri knew already last summer about Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu band break up. Translation of the MetroLive article can be found below (IS just used the article to post the news, so it’s same). Please if you take the translation, link back our site. Thank You!

At about middle of May Lauri Tähkä ja Elonkerjuu notified on their website about the break up of the band. The bigger break and the break up decision came as a surprise also to the fans and the other members of the band. The Rasmus’ Lauri reveals that he have heard about the break up of the band already last summer.

-I though that he (Lauri Tähkä) have decided about it long ago. We met last summer and been talking together. And it came out just now, Ylönen told a few weeks ago to the reporter of MetroLive.

Ylönen has no sources about the reasons of the break out, but he believes that Tähkä will come back to the music business as a solo artist.

In Ylönen’s mind didn’t turn at all to end with The Rasmus, despite that in the fifteen years of the band there were plenty of hard months. On contrary to the band-life Lauri started his solo career and new sounds.

-Sometimes is fewer stuff that comes and I might found more inspiration in new sounds, from synthetizers and samplers, cause I can’t really play them. I’m not saying that I can play properly guitar or piano perfectly, but I have made with those seven albums.

-In a way I’ve gone through all the traditional ways of playing and ideas start to be fewer and fewer. I enjoy that I can try new equipment, about which I don’t know a shit. I might found some new sound from which come in my mind the metro and get inspiration to make a metro-songs, Lauri laughs.

Lauri Ylönen’s solo album, New World was released on 30.3

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