Lauri @ Yle TV1 Aamu TV

Lauri @ Yle TV1's Aamu Show

Today morning at 8.49 Lauri has been guest at Yle TV1 in their Aamu TV. Thanks to Oana/PMMP&TheRasmus Forum you can watch the interview here and a summary of what he has been talking about can be found below (only the ones that are new).

-his favorite food was also fish fingers in school; the process of making the album had an American feeling; they have been making the first trainings for the album in Lauri’s garage; this work has a somewhat free feeling because he can do anything he wants and won’t have to make it agree with others as well; he thinks the electro music sounds more minimalistic; he can not dance, he prefers to just simply move around randomly the stage; he wanted to make an album that can be listened during night when driving, and he did with this idea because it was a motived album that has been missing from his collection and thought to make one himself; he thinks that maybe the science-fiction theme could be a little nerd, but then nerds are also a bit pompous; at a The Rasmus gig the feeling is different because he knows how the guys in the background move, but now it’s different because never know what can next happen.

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