Lauri judge for Idols! [media update]

Lauri in Idols

Lauri has done a nice work and performance in the first final of Idols Finland. Already appeared a few articles about the show. You can listen to Heavy performance at Idols from here, thanks to Sharazan.

Here is one article that tells about Lauri’s mistake, that he didn’t recognize a rock classic song sung by Deep Purple, Highway Star to the deepest shock of the other members of the judge, that how come an internationally known rock star doesn’t know this song.

Here is a second article telling the opinions of the judges about all of the performers. Lauri’s are summarized below: he paid quite much attention to the woman performers of the show by making some sexy comments like for Stina “Only the rod was missing!”; Hennariikka was called his favorite person; he called Matti a ‘teddy person’; and he predicted that Ilpo would win the competition; and he said that Ali has the best voice from the whole competition.

Here is one video in which he tells about his solo album (only things we already know).

And here is a video in which Lauri tell that he thought that just one song is not quite enough to tell about a singer if he/she is good or not at that genre, or at all at singing and performing.

If more articles/video can be found, we’ll be back updating this post and our Facebook page. Make sure you’re connected with us 😉

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